The Reward

If you introduce 920 / Finite NZ to another candidate who we place, whether they be family, friends or simply industry acquaintances, 920 / Finite NZ will pay a referral fee of up to NZ$500 for an introduction leading to a successful placement.

All you need to do is carefully read the program conditions below and then if you're eligible simply fill out the form and the reward is yours!

Program Conditions
1. Placements must be made within three (3) months of the referral;
2. Referral payments will only be made when the referred candidate is actually
placed by 920 / Finite NZ in the position for (3) months;
3. Payroll Services contractors are excluded; and
4. Referral Fee payments will be mailed to you and are payable as follows:
  a) For Contract placements
    3 month contract – NZ$150
6 month contract – NZ$300
12 month contract - NZ$500
  b) For Permanent placements: NZ$500
5. Referral Fees are one off payments paid for the initial contract period or permanent placement only.
6. 920 / Finite NZ cannot accept referrals for any colleagues working within 920 / Finite NZ client sites unless:
  a) Re Contractors, they are nearing the end of their contract and are keen to pursue other options;
  b) Re Permanent Employees, they have already resigned their position, or are already actively contemplating leaving the organisation;
7.   It is the responsibility of the individual making the referral to ensure that they are not in breach of their employment terms and conditions or professional code of conduct by claiming and accepting a referral fee for the introduction of a candidate to 920 / Finite NZ.

 The Referral Fee Claim Form:

Your details  
Your name:
Your address:
Your city:
Your postcode:
Your telephone:
Your email address:
Placement details  
Name of company/ organisation:
Company address (if known):
Company contact (if known):
Name of referred candidate:
Commencement date:
Contact at 920 / Finite NZ to whom referred:
920 / Finite NZ contractors only to fill in  
Location: (site at which you are employed)
Your 920 / Finite NZ account manager:

YES, I have read, fully understood and agree to the conditions of the 920 / Finite NZ referral reward program listed above.....


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