Written by Joanne Sacco

Finite Group Raises $10,850 for Equal Education and Opportunity for All

The Finite Group continues to support worthy causes, participating in this year’s 48th Sydney City2Surf and raising a record $10,850 to help the Cathy Freeman Foundation to achieve their vision across Australia, where Indigenous and non-Indigenous children have the same education standards and opportunities in life.
With a team of 17 fielded from within the Group’s ranks, Finite’s runners put in some impressive finishing times. Supported by the elements on what turned out to be a sunny but chilly day with a bit of a breeze picking up mid-morning, it was perfect running weather.
Finite Group General Manager Duncan Thomson says “this year’s team turnout was our best ever, led from the front by 5 of our managers / directors signing up and rattling the cans.  This was reflected in our fund raising total which at just shy of $11,000, is a new company record for our City2Surf team! Being part of the world’s largest fun run to give back to the community, encouraged by donations from colleagues, friends, family and suppliers, is being part of something very special.
We’ve always focused on building a team culture that gives back to the community. Our internal culture supports and encourages honesty, contribution and celebrates personal achievement. Finite Group has always had a strong focus on Indigenous support, and we are proud to continue to support the Cathy Freeman Foundation who are doing great ongoing work in this space.”
The Cathy Freeman Foundation has raised nearly $200,000 over the past 3 years at the City2Surf and Finite Group are delighted to be supporting them this year helping realise 2018 as their biggest fundraising event in the Cathy Freeman Foundation’s history!

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