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Meet a member of the Finite team!

Mary-Ann Waterstone

VIC Commercial Team Manager

What do you do at Finite? 
I manage the Finite team here in Melbourne and also recruit across the Project Services space within the Commercial Team.
What is your background?
I started my career working at a law firm specialising in Employment and Industrial Law.  After spending 7 years with lawyers and grown men in wigs with way too much cash, I then, like the rest of us….somehow found my way into recruitment with young men with way too much cash!
My first recruitment gig was at Manpower where at the time, there was a male strippers venue here in Melbourne with the same name….safe to say I regularly received some interesting phone calls on Monday mornings after wild hen’s parties over the weekend!
What are your Finite career highlights?
I started in late July 2017 and since then the team has grown from 0 to 5 where each of the consultants has found a number of successes across their own area of specialisation.
And surviving my first kick off at SeaWorld was definitely a highlight! 
What do you love most about Finite?
I like the adult and outcomes driven environment.  It allows you to build your desk in your own style and work to your strengths.
I also enjoy working with the management team as my peers in Oz and NZ are great to work with and are a very supportive and fun bunch of people!
Get in touch with Mary-Ann to discuss any of your recruitment needs on 02 8243 6826 or email mary-annw@finite.com.au

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