Written by Joanne Sacco

Are You Struggling To Find Great Tech Talent?

We live in an era of unprecedented change.
The future will never be less complex – or fast-moving – than it is today.
We are disrupted every day by new technologies, new approaches and new ideas.
And the people that turn those ideas into realities? They are scarce, expensive and difficult to nail down.

“Ours is an industry built on connection, talent and a firm focus on the future.”

The advances we are seeing – such as those made in Virtual Reality, IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence – are forcing new ways of doing business.
As the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds around us, businesses must adapt or risk falling behind.
As a result, we’re seeing a dramatic shift in the skills and roles that Australian businesses require to accelerate into the future of technology.
They’re demanding more niche digital and technical skills. Skills in areas such as Cyber Security, Infrastructure & Networks and Digital.
And it’s causing a major talent shortage.
This shortage is already impacting project delivery and business growth. It’s quickly raising salaries and businesses are in fierce competition for the best tech talent.
To help you ATTRACT, RETAIN and MOTIVATE your current and future tech employees, Finite IT have put together the 2018 Tech Talent Snapshot.
We used a range of research for the snapshot, from interview responses, industry surveys, back-end reporting and industry-wide data and answered some of the technology industry’s biggest talent questions:

  • What does talent look like for technology teams? And what does that mean for your headcount in 2019?
  • Where are the talent droughts or floodplains? Are you struggling to find the most in-demand skills, along with every other Australian business?
  • Who (or rather, what skills) should you be chasing right now to ensure you get ahead of the competition?
  • And, who will help your business lead the inevitable change that new projects and initiatives require?

Download the free 2018 Tech Talent Snapshot here and find out the answers to all these questions and more.

About Finite IT

For twenty years, Finite has been helping clients answer their tech and digital talent needs. From humble beginnings, Finite has grown into a broad network of recruitment professionals whose energy is always focused on giving our clients access to the talent they need to deliver on their vision.
If you’re struggling to find great tech talent, download the free 2018 Tech Talent Snapshot and discover 2018’s top challenges and trends in tech recruitment – and how you can have a winning hiring strategy in 2019.

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