Written by Joanne Sacco

What are IT Managers REALLY looking for?

Every day, we are being disrupted by innovative new technologies, approaches and ideas.
And in this era of unprecedented technological change, great IT candidates are in very high demand.
Australian companies are competing to find highly-skilled people who can help them adapt their business to this modern tech-focused landscape and propel them into the future.
But with ever-changing tech needs and requirements, are your IT skills in-demand for 2019 and beyond?

The state of the tech industry

The Australian tech market is growing rapidly.
A survey of Finite’s clients found that a massive 44 percent of tech teams grew their employee headcount in 2017, while 43 percent stayed constant, and only 13 percent lost size and team members.
What’s more, the 2018 Australian Computer Society Digital Pulse revealed that the Australian economy will likely need to find more than 100,000 additional tech workers in the next five years. This takes the total of required tech employees to over 750,000 people by 2023.
Trends in Silicon Valley and increasingly high demand for IT talent in Europe and Asia ultimately have a knock-on effect on the Australian IT landscape. Job seekers, like yourself, are more prepared than ever to take roles overseas. Plus, the increased ability to work remotely means that booming salary expectations in other parts of the world also boost the salaries of IT employees in Australia.
Technology is also driving change across all industries. While the stereotype of a developer is in a tech start-up, the reality is that demand extends well beyond software and tech companies.
In fact, only 1 in 10 developers actually work at a startup, while around two-thirds work at private companies and publicly traded corporations across every industry type, especially in finance, healthcare, media, and education.
Due to these trends and the fast-growing skills demand, IT job seekers now hold more power at the negotiation table to discuss things such as personalised compensation, development opportunities, holidays offered, the option to work remotely, expected hours, and equipment available.
With all of these forces at play, and the overwhelming demand for talented candidates, it is a great time to be building your IT career.
Download our latest eBook, The 6 Most In-demand Tech Roles in Australia and the High Salaries They’re Commanding here.
The team at Finite wish you all the best with your career goals, and of course, if you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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