Written by Joanne Sacco

Leadership Series: How do you build a business culture of risk taking?


As a leader, how do you build a business culture of risk taking?
Very easily, actually. 
You need people who can think outside of the box. People who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, who aren’t afraid of providing ideas. The type of people who thrive on developing new options and are always looking for new ways of doing things.
To have a successful culture of risk taking, you need people who are resilient. People who not only give ideas, but, if those ideas aren’t accepted, they’ll just get on with things. Failure shouldn’t discourage people from coming up with plans and ideas – it should encourage them to look further outside the box for the next idea.
You need people who don’t just follow the crowd, you need people who are willing to be the first person in the crowd. People who can come up with solutions, not problems.
If you build a culture of creativity and risk taking, that no idea is a bad idea, then you’re on to a real winner.
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