Written by Joanne Sacco

How to Prepare for an IT Panel Interview

Panel interviews are an increasingly popular choice for tech interviews. This is especially the case for companies searching nationally and internationally for tech talent that is in high demand with only limited supply.
Your preparation for a panel interview will be slightly different to a traditional interview (check out our phone interview tips here and our video interview tips here) as there are some additional areas it pays to focus on:

Research every panel member

As there will be multiple people on the panel, you should spend time researching each of them individually. Find out exactly how many people will be on the panel, their names, and job titles. Are they in technical roles or non-technical areas such as HR? Does anyone on the panel have the job title you’re interviewing for? You can find out this type of information from the person who scheduled the interview for you as well as from LinkedIn research.

Bring a resume for every person in the room

Bring enough copies of your most up to date resume so you can give one to every interviewer. This applies whether its a single person or a multi-person panel.

Be sure to divide your attention evenly

You never knowhow important each panel member you meet is in deciding whether you join the company or not,  so it is important to treat everyone as equally important. At the end of the interview, don’t forget to thank each person individually by name and shake each person by the hand.

Prepare extra questions

You should prepare a series of questions so that ideally you can ask every panel member at least one question. Also have prepared answers for the most likely questions they may ask you but try and avoid any robot-like answers so you don’t come across as just reading from a written script.

Find out who to follow-up

By asking what the next steps are and who will be in touch, you glean the information about who you should follow-up after your interview.\
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