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Commute Time Training: Ten Podcasts to Get You Through 2020

Thanks to the hundreds of great podcasts out there, commute time can be a really useful time to learn more about your areas of interest. But it can also be a great opportunity to help round out your tech and wider world knowledge.
Being the start of a new year, podcasts are a fantastic way to help get you back into the swing of things and refocused on your business and personal interests. So with that in mind, let’s go through ten great tech podcasts that can help you make the most of 2020 and your otherwise unproductive commute time each day.

Top Ten Podcasts for 2020

Ted Talks Technology – https://www.ted.com/topics/technology

For many people, Ted Talks is where their learning journey really began. Ted Talks is still putting out a huge amount of new content, with hundreds of interesting talks about all kinds of new and amazing technologies.
Waveform: The MKBHD Podcast – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/id1474429475
Waveform is a new podcast from Marques Brownlee, who has made a name for himself as one of the most popular tech reviewers on YouTube. There are new episodes every fortnight covering everything from smartphones, cameras, and cars to the latest and greatest in gadgets.
 The Wall Street Journal’s – The Future of Everything https://www.wsj.com/podcasts/wsj-the-future-of-everything
The WSJ’s podcast offering looks at some of the major issues that we face as technology transforms the way we live and work. Some of the topics covered include how AI and robotics will shape the future of work and how gene editing might be used to transform our own DNA.
Tales of Silicon Valley https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/tales-of-silicon-valley/id147059842
Tales of Silicon Valley delves into how this one region became the most important influence on technology and society in the world. The series is presented by the Sunday Times correspondent, Danny Fortson, who was born and raised in Silicon Valley.
Sleepwalkers – https://www.wired.com/story/rethinking-relationship-artificial-intelligence/
The Sleepwalkers podcast explores in detail the ways that AI is shaping humanity and offers some ideas on how we should best manage this powerful but potentially dangerous technology.
Future Thinkers – https://futurethinkers.org/
Future thinkers offers episodes on all aspects of technology as well as philosophy and spirituality. Some of its more popular episodes have looked at all sorts of thought provoking topics including how society is evolving, how blockchain technology can help decentralise the world, and what the nature of reality really is.
This Week in Google – https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/this-week-in-google-mp3/id326120877
For those interested in the seemingly endless trail of development and innovation coming from Google, this is the podcast for you. Each weekly episode covers all the latest Google and cloud computing related news.
To satisfy the geek in you, the weekly Rocket podcast covers all the latest in tech, comics, movies, and games. No topics are off limits as the show’s three hosts explore everything that might interest you and plenty of other topics you might never have otherwise heard discussed in detail.
Clockwise brings a unique and fast paced format to the world of tech podcasts. Each episode, the two hosts and two special guests cover four new topics, with each episode being only 30 minutes long.
American Innovations – https://wondery.com/shows/american-innovations/
Hosted by the bestselling author of How We Got to Now, Steven Johnson, American Innovations tells the stories of the most innovative scientists, engineers, and everyday people whose discoveries helped shape present society.

Always Learning

There’s no doubt that new technologies are rapidly shaking up the way that we work and live our lives. So listening to podcasts is a great way to explore just what the most important of these technologies are and where they’re likely to take us in the near future. Now’s the time to make your commute that much more informative and interesting.
To find out more about how you can keep improving your tech expertise and knowledge, talk to the experts at Finite.

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