Written by Joanne Sacco

3 alternatives to traditional recruitment models

COVID-19 has impacted many industries across the world, including recruitment.
It’s presented us with the unique opportunity to seek out new ways to access top IT talent.
There are plenty of ways to recruit new staff that go beyond the traditional. Being open to them is key. Read on for some tips to assist you navigate recruitment through this interesting time.
Here are a few suggestions to get you started:
1 Try a secondment or tapping into global talent mobility
A secondment essentially means you’re ‘lending’ an employee to another organisation.
Internally, it might be another team or department within your company, while externally, it may be another company entirely (although you’ll likely have some business interests in common).
What’s the benefit? Well, with IT being such a rapidly changing industry, it’s vital your staff continually build their skills base, while being agile enough to adapt to shifting parameters.
Working with another team is a great way to do this. It broadens their skill set (which is fantastic for retention) but most importantly, boosts your team’s value when they return with their newfound knowledge.
While you might think about lending staff out, it works just as well the other way too. Look within your organisation to see who might be interested in some short-term staff loaning.
In a similar vein, you could consider trying the global talent mobility route (if your company can support it). This refers to the ability to move staff between offices internationally, or recruit staff from overseas to work here. It’s just another way to access a great pool of talent that may align perfectly with your position’s needs.
2 Look internally

Rather than looking outside, have a look within your business. You won’t be alone if you do – the Mercer 2019 Global Talent Trend study of over 7000 c-suite executives found
76% of companies were also planning to build from within.

It’s likely you have a number of team members interested in expanding their talents, whether that’s moving laterally or being promoted. Speaking to them, or other managers in different areas, may offer up some interesting intel to help find the right fit for your role
If you’re not sure how to go about this, or lack the time, aligning with a recruitment consultant can be beneficial.
3 Consider using freelancers

The gig economy is booming, especially right now as we’re all encouraged to work from home.
The Mercer study confirms this finding that 83% of tech executives surveyed believe freelance and gig workers will substantially replace full-time employees within the next five years.
IT freelancers are a particularly attractive option if you have a temporary project with a tight deadline. But they’re also useful in other situations, such as when you need an injection of niche skills your team don’t possess.
They offer some cost advantages too, as you don’t need to pay sick or annual leave, or superannuation.
Those are just three interesting ways to deepen your talent pool during these challenging times, and beyond.
Here at Finite, we’ve got a team of niche consultants well-versed in applying innovative recruitment techniques to help our clients source their best staff fit, especially during these times.
Please let us know if we can help you.

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