Andrew Bowen

Queensland Manager

Andrew brings over 22 years of sales and recruitment experience, working exclusively in the ICT space with a wealth of Oracle, ERP and solutions knowledge. He started his recruiting career in the UK building a successful business from scratch servicing the European and American markets before moving to Australia in 2004. In Australia, he repeated this process focusing on niche IT markets across the entire APAC marketplace. He joined Finite in November 2019 and currently leads our operations in Queensland.

His success has come from a genuine customer and service focus, stripping away the insincerity of formal sales techniques and adopting a no-nonsense, keep it simple, effective approach which refreshingly helps everyone involved in the process where the desired outcome is kept as paramount.

Outside the working environment, Andrew runs ultra-marathons (for fun he claims!) and his achievements include running 650kms across the Nullarbor, 700kms across the Kimberley, and a 1200km run around the island of Shikoku in Japan. He also is an active martial artist and keen unicyclist which he enjoys with his sons around the parks and trails of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

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