A common bugbear for many businesses that use contractors is the simple act of paying them. This is where we can help by outsourcing the payroll of your ICT contract workforce to Finite.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a multi-national, a large corporation or an SME. There are many advantages to outsourcing your payroll, such as:

  • cost savings
  • a reduction of risk
  • improvements in speed and reliability
  • letting you focus on your business needs and priorities.

Our competitive fees offer cost benefits over engaging and managing an internal team. The technology we use provides streamlined time-sheet and expense approval, and accurate reporting.

Some of the many benefits that Finite provide include:

  • Bespoke on-boarding, including professional online WHS induction
  • Timely and accurate payrolling services
  • Fast and reliable online timesheet and contractor expense system
  • Recipient created tax invoices for Pty Contractors
  • Central helpdesk support for any day to day enquiries or issues
  • Assistance sourcing a new contract at project completion
  • Highly valued Group Super Fund with attractive Insurance cover options
  • Access to our leading ANZ contractor wellbeing Employee Assistance Program
  • Dedicated account management team providing regular contact and support throughout each contract engagement

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