Written by Joanne Sacco

Leadership Series: Why is it important to seek feedback and learning opportunities?

As a leader, why is it important to seek feedback and learning opportunities?
Having the humility and understanding that learning is key to success can be a big step for some people.
I totally understand that – it was for me. 
For a long time I felt confronted by the thought of asking for advice and being offered feedback. 
But I realised that’s is what I needed to advance my career… some tough love.
No one really likes hearing ‘constructive feedback’, especially when it’s about how you’re doing things in a way that doesn’t suit other people. 
But, that ego?
It needs to disappear. Fast.
In some environments, going and speaking to someone within the business and asking for their advice could be construed as showing weakness and could be used against you.
If this is the case, there’s a lot of opportunities to seek advice and feedback outside your business, in a confidential environment. That’s why you need mentors, ex-colleagues, networks and relationships… It’s all about getting the right person to help you.
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