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How to prepare for an IT video interview

Video interviews are an increasingly popular choice for tech interviews. This is especially the case for companies searching nationally and internationally for tech talent that is in high demand with only limited supply.
Many of the same principles apply as in an IT phone interview (check out our phone interview tips here), but there’s a few key points you shouldn’t ignore when preparing for your video interview:

Get the tech setup right

The tech required for a phone interview is straightforward but with a video interview you have a few more options and things to double check to make sure everything goes smoothly. Choose the device you will be most comfortable with, ideally a PC or tablet with a good, stable WiFi connection. Make sure your microphone is working properly and you can be clearly heard as well as seen. You should setup your equipment and do a test run by video calling a friend to make sure everything is working well ahead of time.

Choose a suitable location

Not only does your interview location need to be quiet, it also needs to be well lit. In indoor areas, you need either good natural light or bright lights to allow the webcam to show you clearly. If possible, set up next to a window in a quiet room somewhere. You don’t want the window to be behind you as your face will appear dark against the background so having the window in front or beside you is much more preferable.

Practice replying to interview questions

You can’t always know exactly what you’ll be asked but you can usually predict the most likely questions that will come your way. Be prepared to answer questions about your experience, strengths, career goals, and interests.

Think about how you want to be received

Technical skills and experience are great but at the end of the day, people are looking for candidates they can work well with so make an extra effort to be friendly and personable. It’s important to try and build rapport and make a connection with everyone you speak with. This is easier in person but also important in a phone or video interview. You want to leave the interviewer or panel with the impression you’re someone they’d like to be working with and will fit well into the company culture.

Look the part

Don’t forget to dress well as your appearance on a small screen is still important. Clear the background behind you and anything else within view so you are the focus of attention and the interviewer won’t be distracted by surrounding clutter.

Frame yourself on the video

Spend some time working out the right angle and frame. Ideally, try to angle yourself so you’re looking directly at the camera, and frame from the shoulders up.

Ensure you’re engaging in eye-contact

It can be very easy to get distracted on a video interview, either looking around the room or looking the video showing yourself. Make a point of making eye-contact with your interviewer by looking at their video on your screen or the camera.
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