Written by Joanne Sacco

These Are The 5 Top IT Skills You Need In 2020

Keeping pace with emerging tech helps you stay relevant (and employable) in the IT industry. Ensuring you’re skilled up in one or more of the following five key areas places you in pole position to secure your ideal role.

1. AI & Machine learning

AI and machine learning are firmly embedded in our everyday lives (hello Siri/Alexa). But their popularity extends across many industries – from IT to marketing to finance to medical and beyond – as businesses strive to make full use of the data they collect.
Not surprisingly, the demand for IT professionals with an AI skillset is growing at an astronomical rate. Data from LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report Australia shows the top five emerging jobs feature AI or machine learning. Some of these roles include:

  • Al specialist
  • Marketing automation specialist
  • Robotics engineer
  • Software engineer
  • Data scientists
  • Product manager

If you’re looking for a position that offers a full pipeline of projects with some great financial payoffs, it’s definitely an area to expand your knowledge base.

2. Cybersecurity

Alongside AI, cybersecurity is another booming industry here in Australia and overseas. You’d be hard pressed to find a business today that doesn’t need to protect the integrity of its consumer data, especially given we’re all legally obliged to.
Cybersecurity extends beyond securing computer systems, data and customer information. It also reaches into the realms of risk analysis and mitigation.
Honing skills in these areas is well advised, particularly when you consider both the Australian government and private firms are pouring money into the sector. No one wants to be faced with the negative consequences that flow from security breaches.

3. Data science

Whether you’re a small business owner or a huge financial conglomerate, success is often dependent on how well you mine and utilise your data. And that’s precisely where a data scientist comes in.
With expert skills in computer science, mathematics and programming, a data scientist draws insights from the most convoluted data set, and helps companies apply them to critical business decisions. The best ones go beyond by spotting trends, so their clients stay ahead of the game. It’s why the role is so valued, well-paid and highly in demand.

4. Full stack development

While a full stack developer is by no means an emerging role, the demand for their diverse expertise remains ever present, placing them high up on the ‘hot IT skills’ list.
Known for developing a breadth of front and back end skills, their versatility is perhaps their strongest selling point. For an employer, a full stack developer is an extremely attractive option, knowing they’re well equipped to complete their project from start to finish. It’s why businesses are willing to compensate such developers so well, and why there will always be work up for grabs.

5. Python

According to Stack Overflow’s most recent report, Python takes top billing as the programming language developers most want to use. It seems to be quite literally, the future.
This is likely due to not only how intuitive the language is, but how versatile with its cross-platform functionalities, and easy integration into existing systems.
It’s no surprise then that most emerging roles, from data scientists to AI specialists, list Python experience as a prerequisite. If you’re looking to learn a new programming language, Python is a smart option.
Here at Finite, we have a diverse range of roles across these five key areas. Feel free to have a browse, or connect with one of our experienced consultants to discuss how we can help you secure your next tech role.

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